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Nero Ossidiana Aeolian Organic Wine

The power of magma, the depths of the earth to our senses

Nero Ossidiana is our red par excellence: a strong, assertive character, as vibrant as the fire of the volcanoes and the sunsets of these lands. With its strong ruby red colour, it is a complex and structured wine. Fresh and fruity, on the palate it has notes of berries as well as intriguing aromas of spices, rain-soaked earth and musk.
Its iodine and briny notes are a clear reminder of the peculiar marine influence on a land already rich in microelements. Produced from the varietal of Greek origin Corinto, grown only in Lipari, together with Nero d’Avola, the Sicilian red varietal par excellence. Nero Ossidiana expresses all of the typical features of a land that is both volcanic and by the sea, a combination of the island and the water in the form of wine. It is produced by pressing whole destemmed grapes and a long maceration process with the skins and whole bunches; it is vinified without temperature control and is not clarified apart from the decanting and various racking phases. Nero Ossidiana is a red wine that embodies our desire to promote native varietals and the fine sensory properties of the terroir of the Aeolian Islands.

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: Vino Rosso Sicilia Ossidiana
: Sicilié
: Tenuta di Castellaro
: Rood
: Italië
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€ 26,95
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